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The founder of Viperfish worked across most disciplines in the 'corporate' advertising industry and gained wide category experience from positions held in agencies such as Lintas, Publicis and Ogilvy. Some of these roles included.

  • Art Director, Business Director, Group Strategic Director, Head of Trade Marketing Africa Middle East, Member of Ogilvy Action Global Leadership Team and Head of Digital Strategy and Channel Planning.

  • After leaving the 'corporate' advertising world he developed the first complete Brand Sensory Research methodology to bring all senses to life in promoting products and brands and was hired to deploy this across some well knows FMCG brands across South Africa.

  • The IT geek bug resulted in him specialising as a UX and Web, e-commerce and CMS developer with added services like, SEO, Web and App analytics.


The Viperfish, and cousin of the Angler fish in the movie Finding Nemo,  survives and thrives 800m below the ocean surface where there is no light. It captures its prey by dangling a bio-luminescent light that protrudes from its dorsal fin in front of its gaping mouth. In the absence of sight at this depth, smaller fish are attracted to the light emitted by the Viperfish. When the prey comes close enough, the Viperfish shuts its massive mouth and sushi is served. 


This is just another amazing example of God's creatures that are designed to flourish in difficult environments. No different to the challenging environments we can face in business. So, we can take a page out of the 'Lessons from the Viperfish', that despite total darkness and harsh environments, it uses strategy and purposeful design to succeed.

If you are faced with seemingly unsurmountable business and brand challenges, there is always a way to turn the situation around and thrive like the Viperfish of the deep. 

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